Blessing for new parents

12 01 2011

dedicated to Jennifer and Andi Custer and baby Eleanor.

May your love for your child
know no boundaries or hesitations.
May your love be courageous
in the face of challenges and
forgiving in the face of hurts.
May your love give freedom
to grow and explore.
May your love be an ocean
of protection and comfort.
May your love for your child
become the bedrock of her soul.

May the love of your child
daily remind you of the miracle
of unconditional love.
May her love teach you joy and wonder
for the mysteries of the world.
May her love comfort and encourage you.
May the love of your child
be a rich and constant blessing.

unexpected guest

22 11 2010

she seems to be waving
standing on a kitchen chair
this morning’s inscrutable calligraphy
in one hand
a dust cloth
in the other

I’m not sure how I know
this is no ordinary visitation
then, I notice
her feet don’t touch the chair

5 07 2010

the cows all seem to have the same idea
clustered under two small trees that lean over the fence
they don’t seem to realize that their proximity,
so many huge, heavy bodies in a small space,
might counteract any coolness the scanty shade had to offer.

by contrast, the haybales are making me think of chilled champagne
or the pale gold of the half-moon I saw last night
they seem to drink in the heat, absorb July
their neat, endless rows a covert battalion in Summer’s army
training for long winter months ahead.

then, they will offer secret hope, a memory of warmth
to the cows.

God said

7 06 2010

let there be light
neon light bulb of illumination
deep understanding of self

reclaiming voice

29 05 2010

we trust the voice of authority
to the point where we lose our own in doubt

we cling to the voice of rationality
too afraid to grapple
with the beautiful chaos beyond facts

we seek a voice outside
to tell us what we already know inside
but don’t let ourselves hear

when we give up voice
we give up imago dei

I Wonder if the Worms Know

23 02 2010

My chapbooks arrived! Its so exciting to hold a hard copy of my work. There are about twenty poems in this collection and all of them centre around spirituality and the evolution of faith. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, you can order one here . Or if you’ll be at the Convergence Conference in Portland in March, I’ll be bringing a few copies. You can email me to reserve a copy: schafer dot jessica at gmail dot com.

I dig

10 02 2010

I dig
layers of thick dirt
alive with earthworms and ants
a hundred feet down
and still going

I dig
expecting to find an ocean
the birth waters of the world
a vast underworld lake
I can set sail on

I dig
somewhere between heaven
and the stars
I reach
for the ground of all being

I am digging a well.

this is an act of faith.


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